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2017 | Kainan Display


9 01, 2017

Elegant Women Style Shoes Store

By | 一月 9th, 2017|2017|Elegant Women Style Shoes Store已关闭评论

The store designers created a custom looking display, this smart & flexible wall mounted metal slat strip has a completely neutral appearance – it mounts directly to any surface and integrates with any design. That’s exactly what this cool trailer’s designers did – by combining MDF with veneering wide variety of women store, we created [...]

11 04, 2016

Attention to Details

By | 四月 11th, 2016|2017|Attention to Details已关闭评论

The details are not simply details, they are the code to bring design to life. Kainan Display has roblox download been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom store fixtures and displays for some of the most successful retailers in the world since 2005. Quality is talked most frequently, Kainan Display sets each QC memeber on [...]