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2016 | Kainan Display


25 07, 2017

Our metal lean production

Working closely with the fixture provider, Kainice becomes the extension of creativity through metal. The end mechanized manufacturer in production of display fixture in China with a wealth of experience to provide displays fixture across a variety of design. or creative in-house powder coat solutions, which can all be used to enhance the durability [...]

15 09, 2016

Automatic Production

Automatic Production has been increasingly need requirements introduced in mordern manufacturer, Kainan Display follows this advantage, this is predictable and reliable capacity. Especially, when orders are getting more to operate. As long as clear instructions are made, precise products follows. Client will have a peace of mind then focuse on other stuff.  Kainan focus on this industry and [...]

14 07, 2016

Warehouse System

Warehouse is indispensable point for Display Fixture Manufacturers, this to support modern delivery system. We exert a proprietary systems to manage our integrated distribution programs. At present, the development of artificial intelligence technology to push the intelligent warehouse management. Rf data communication, bar code technology, scanning technology and data acquisition technology are introduced increasingly into warehouse system. Warehouse supplies real-time [...]

13 05, 2016

T-shirt Display Fixture

To imagine consumers go around street or shopping mall, the first impression is mentioned almost frequently, some call it as "visual attraction". So the design in house display is asked more. Kainice is here to bring the design to life, let people feel good experience when they pass.